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Stabroek Market

Stabroek Market Stabroek Market is a large market located in the capital city of Guyana, Georgetown.
In 1842, the Georgetown Town Council designated the current location of the market on Water St., officially recognizing it as a market despite the fact that it had served such a capacity for quite some time. The market was designed and constructed by the Edgemoor Iron Company of Delaware, USA over the period 1880-1881. Construction of the iron and steel structure was completed in 1881 and may be the oldest structure still in use in the city. Designed by an American engineer Nathaniel McKay, this market houses a wide variety of items for sale. The market covers an area of about 80,000 square feet (7,000 m²).
Though the architectural style is elusive, the iron structure and the prominent clock tower is reminiscent of the Victorian era of Great Britain (see British colonization of Guyana for more information).
The Stabroek market area is easily the busiest such place in the city, always bustling with people and activity and also a central hub for taxis and “minibuses” and also for ferries that transport people and goods from all towns and villages along the Demerara river.
Today Stabroek Market is widely known to be the biggest market location in Guyana where many sellers go to make a living. Every business owner has made their mark in Stabroek market where businesses ranges from Jewelry to clothes to produces. Stabroek Market is always filled with customers everyday and is known for its clock located at the top of the building.
Stabroek Market is located in the middle of which Guyanese people call “Town” where many other major businesses surrounds its tall and recognized building.Georgetown is known for many of its major attractions but Starbroek market is one of them and it will always been known by all Guyanese people to be one of the greatest markets in Georgetown. :)